This website, a collaboration between the Old Cranbrookians’ Association and Cranbrook School, celebrates Cranbrook’s centenary. We hope that you appreciate the school’s rich history exhibited on the timeline and celebrate with us at our upcoming events.

Nicholas Sampson


I am delighted to welcome you to our Centenary website, where you will find an ever-growing series of stories, photographs and short documentaries covering the people, places and programmes who and which have formed our heritage and helped create the School of today.

When we think of Cranbrook, we celebrate its unique founding mission, powerful educational philosophy and its place at the heart of the local community. From our beginning, we were tasked with the realisation of a radical, expansive view of boys’ schooling which would avoid stereotyping young men and embrace the spirit of the great liberal tradition centred upon the values bestowed by our Anglican foundation. 

We will articulate these characteristics through a Centenary programme which will reflect and honour Cranbrook’s ethos. We will celebrate intellectual endeavour, artistic expression, sporting activity, experiential adventure and spiritual life through the involvement of past and present students and staff and their families and friends. I hope you will enjoy this opportunity to explore the past, enrich the present and look to the future with confidence and aspiration.

Nicholas Sampson
Headmaster, Cranbrook School



The OCA is proud to release the Cranbrook Centenary website – the first in a suite of gifts from us throughout the year to the School, to commemorate this grand occasion.

Perhaps the most important part of this website is the Events page, which outlines everything both the OCA and the School have planned for this year. We’d love to see you at as many events as possible, so please have a look and put them in your calendar now.

The OCA has always endeavored to provide a forum in which Old Cranbrookians can share in and benefit from their special affinity, being former students of Cranbrook School. Particularly if you are an OC, we would encourage you to participate in the centenary however you can – commemorate, celebrate, contribute – to keep our great community flourishing well into our second hundred years. Esse quam videri.

Tom Kendall
President, Old Cranbrookians' Association